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Portland, OR (March 18, 2011)--Millikin University recently launched its first all-digital control room and added Dante MY cards to its Yamaha console.

Ronnie Dean with student John Dwyer
Portland, OR (March 18, 2011)–Millikin University recently launched its first all-digital control room and added Dante MY cards to its Yamaha console.

Millikin University, which is located in Decatur, IL, recently decided it was time for a new recording facility. Ronnie Dean, professor and technical director for the Music Industries Program, elected to install digital recording equipment, and purchased two Dante-MY16-AUD cards for the facility’s new Yamaha DM2000 console with the help of Ken Musselman at Milam Audio.

The recording studio, two audio control rooms, and video editing facilities are the property of the School of Music, which focuses on musicianship. Millikin’s Music Industries Program recognizes that today’s commercial musician needs to have an operating knowledge of recording.

“The use of the Dante-MY16-AUD is working out fantastically,” says Dean, who has been with the school for 26 years, teaching analog recording in Millitrax, Millikin’s recording studio. “It’s been a boon from both a teaching and day-to-day operational standpoint. By using the Yamaha console and the Dante MY cards, the students are able to do things that were unheard of when I started years ago. I’m teaching them skill sets and practical recording knowledge that they can take into the real world, along with a greater understanding of Dante and how easy it is to use.”

Once a project is recorded on Pro Tools in the analog control room, it is taken to the digital control room and routed through the Dante-MY16-AUD cards to a second Pro Tools system for remixing. Because of the total recall capabilities of the Yamaha DM2000 equipped with the Dante Cards, faculty can work individually with any of the students associated with a particular project.

Dean says, “Using these two products together helps the department accomplish the learning goals of the Music Industries Program and facilitate the university in graduating competitive students.”