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MIRA Mobile Re-Ups with Calrec

Hebden Bridge, UK (October 28, 2009)--MIRA Mobile Television's new M9HD production truck includes a 64-fader Calrec Sigma console.

Hebden Bridge, UK (October 28, 2009)–MIRA Mobile Television’s new M9HD production truck includes a 64-fader Calrec Sigma console.

“This is the second Sigma board we’ve installed in a year’s time, and our third Calrec console,” said Bill Duncan, MIRA Mobile’s director of engineering. “In an audio console, I am looking primarily for three things–flexibility, reliability, and support, particularly support here in the United States. When I consider these as well as audio operators’ familiarity, it all adds up to Calrec.”

Based in the Pacific Northwest, MIRA Mobile built its new 53-foot trailer with a 51-foot expanding side as a sister truck to its M7HD, which also carries a Calrec Sigma.

MIRA built its new truck, which is designed to cover sports and entertainment shows, in response to increasing demand for HD production with Dolby 5.1 surround-sound. M9HD debuted in June at a Los Angeles Dodgers game versus the Angels in Anaheim, CA. Wired for 16 cameras and 30 channels of EVS, the truck was rarely idle this summer, also seeing duty at the red carpet show for Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) telecast of the Black Entertainment Awards in Hollywood, CA at a corporate event in Atlanta, and elsewhere. Currently, M9HD in tandem with a B unit is covering a national college football package for ESPN.

The Calrec Sigma audio desk includes the company’s own Bluefin high density signal processing. With 320 channel processing paths that can be configured for as many as 52 full surround channels, the Sigma also offers as much as 19.6 minutes of audio delay that can be inserted in signal paths to fix video synchronization problems.

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