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MOTU Integrates Euphonix EuCon into Digital Performer 6

Palo Alto, CA (November 24, 2008)--Euphonix, Inc. has announced the integration of its EuCon control protocol into MOTU's Digital Performer 6 audio sequencer software.

Palo Alto, CA (November 24, 2008)–Euphonix, Inc. has announced the integration of its EuCon control protocol into MOTU’s Digital Performer 6 audio sequencer software.

“We are proud to have MOTU support our EuCon protocol natively in their flagship product,” stated Martin Kloiber, Euphonix CEO. “Providing such tight integrated, hands-on control of Digital Performer gives users an unmatched editing and mixing experience similar to working on a large, professional console.”

Features Euphonix media controllers bring to Digital Performer 6 include:

• Pre-programmed Soft Keys that provide instant access to most top-level Digital Performer functions;

• Soft Key Editor to create custom Soft Keys for any additional Digital Performer function or macro commands;

• Data entry wheel to jog, shuttle, zoom horizontally, and zoom vertically;

• Ability to flip any editable parameters from the rotary encoders to the faders;

• Touch-sensitive, hi-resolution rotary encoders and motorized fader;

• Ability to edit plug-ins, EQ’s, dynamics, inputs, aux sends and mix destinations directly from the surface;

• Direct Assign feature to lock any fader to any track in Digital Performer;

• Ability to create and save up to 48 fader configurations as Layouts that saves with project file;

• Toggle automation modes for each channel;

• Ability to bring up the Mixing Board directly from the surface;

• Up to 9 character track and parameter names.

“Digital Performer 6 delivers a state-of-the-art audio workstation experience,” said Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing for MOTU. “Now, DP6 users can gain unprecedented hands-on control of their creative endeavors with the sleek and stylish Artist Series media controllers from Euphonix. When using MC Control and MC Mix to control Digital Performer, users can enjoy the sublime tactile experience of large format mixing consoles while at work in their personal desktop MOTU studio.”

MOTU joins a growing list of EuCon partners including Apple, Steinberg, and others to integrate native EuCon support into their DAWs. Setup is plug-and-play: Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix owners download the latest EuControl software update from the Euphonix website and run Digital Performer 6.01 or later to use all features of EuCon.