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Music Mix Mobile Installs Grace Design m802

Boulder, CO (August 26, 2008)--Music Mix Mobile, headquartered on the East Coast, has recently installed 15 of Grace Design's m802 remote-controlled mic preamps.

Grace Design’s m802 remote-controlled mic preamps.Boulder, CO (August 26, 2008)–Music Mix Mobile, headquartered on the East Coast, has recently installed 15 of Grace Design’s m802 remote-controlled mic preamps.

Each 8-channel preamp also includes a Grace 24/192, high-definition, 8-channel A/D option. Company principal and technical engineer, Joel Singer, specified the systems, and Chris Payne of New York-based Grace dealer, Tekserve, handled the sale.

Music Mix Mobile is a new company formed and run by pro audio industry veterans that have been at it for over 25 years. The company was created with a vision that stresses sonic excellence, workflow and world-class customer service while being conscious of budget considerations in today’s markets. The company is comprised of respected audio engineers John Harris and Jay Vicari, technical engineer Joel Singer, business/facilities manager Mitch Maketansky and the newest member of the team, Steve Sich.

“John and Jay have used almost every major preamp on the market today,” Singer explained. “Music Mix Mobile required a preamp system that fit several major criteria. The preamps needed to be remote controlled (via both hardware and software), multichannel and perform at a very high level sonically. All roads pointed to Grace. We have found the m802, along with the fully integrated A/D modules, to be the most musical preamps we’ve ever used, and most importantly, our clients are thrilled with the results. Additionally, we couldn’t be happier with the service and support we’ve received from the Grace staff.”

Grace Design VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Wood added, “We’re honored that the Music Mix Mobile team has selected the m802’s to be included in the world-class recording system that they’ve assembled. Their dedication to sonic excellence and best-in-class customer support is impressive. They’ve clearly set the bar very high in what to expect from a world-class remote recording company, and we’re thrilled to play a part in their ongoing success.”

For more on Music Mix Mobile, see the August issue of Pro Sound News.

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