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Music Orange and Dove Make Beautiful Music Together

San Francisco, CA (March 8, 2006)--Music Orange recently produced original music for four spots out of Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, that promote Dove's new Ultimate Clear Deodorant.

San Francisco, CA (March 8, 2006)–Music Orange recently produced original music for four spots out of Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago, that promote Dove’s new Ultimate Clear Deodorant.

The spots feature real women who “dare” to turn their shirts inside out to prove that the product leaves no residue on their clothes. The music accompanying this off-camera strip tease has a lively, staccato rhythm and a lyrical style reminiscent of Argentine tango.

To those who follow Dove advertising, the music might sound familiar. Music Orange has produced music for a number of Dove products dating back to 2004, all employing the same distinctive sound. “It is becoming a signature sound for Dove,” said Music Orange executive producer Blaise Smith. “The music for each spot is different but the style and elements are consistent, especially the string arrangements. It’s becoming a part of the product’s brand.”

It didn’t start out that way. Music Orange’s first assignment for Dove came on the 2004 spot “Rosebud.” “When the agency came back to us with another project, they referenced that track,” said Music Orange composer Michael Lande. “So we created a new track with the same feel and it worked very well. The music has an aspirational, upbeat quality that fits the product very well, and compliments the direction of Ogilvy’s campaign.”

Although Music Orange creates music in an incredible range of styles from hip hop to roots and from orchestral works to free form jazz, the tango-like sound that the company created for Dove was such a good fit that the agency kept asking for more.

“The style of the music leaves room for a lot of variation and so it is easy for us to create tracks that are new and fit the concepts of the individual commercials while retaining the feel of the original,” said Lande.

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