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Musikvergnuegen Takes a Step Beyond With New Music Library

Los Angeles, CA (March 6, 2006)--Beyond, the production music library formed by Jonathan Parks and Walter Werzowa in 2004, has officially become part of Werzowa's shop, Musikvergnuegen.

Los Angeles, CA (March 6, 2006)–Beyond, the production music library formed by Jonathan Parks and Walter Werzowa in 2004, has officially become part of Werzowa’s shop, Musikvergnuegen.

“We started with 15 discs and 350 cues culled from dead demos,” said Parks. “The library has grown tremendously to include more than 4,200 cues from over 100 composers–growing at the average of 200 tracks per month–so Walter and I felt the time was right to bring Beyond under the Musikvergnuegen banner.”

The library has been designed as an ultra-user-friendly one-stop shop that has music to fit all needs. Its ease of use is demonstrated with Beyond’s proprietary music search engine, which allows clients to simply type general key terms they are seeking rather than scrolling through lists. The Beyond search engine also allows users to perform a negative search, which streamlines results by eliminating genres, styles, moods, and even specific instruments that might not work for the project.

“We send out searchable hard drives that contain the entire collection of music in Beyond’s library,” Werzowa noted. “The Beyond drive is set up to be completely compatible with our clients’ existing collections of music. Our customer service is excellent as well, and our response is immediate because we understand the time constraints under which our clients work.”

As well as offering all styles of music, including classical, orchestral, electronic, rock, world, and jazz, Beyond also features a wide variety of transitional sound effects. Parks, who is head of music development for the service, said he was keen to fill a void in one particular genre, however. “We have a very strong hip-hop collection,” he said. “It’s a style of music that is in high demand, and yet one that is poorly represented in production music.”

Beyond’s most recent licensing projects include the trailer for Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code, as well as promos for FX’s The Shield and ABC Networks.