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Muzak is 75

Fort Mills, SC (April 6, 2009)--Muzak has launched a 75th anniversary website entitled, Seventy-five Years of Muzak. What Experience Sounds Like.

Fort Mills, SC (April 6, 2009)–Muzak has launched a 75th anniversary website entitled, Seventy-five Years of Muzak. What Experience Sounds Like.

The website will feature Muzak’s exclusive collection of digitally re-mastered tracks from the company’s recently rediscovered archive of more than 10,000 original recordings made between 1934 and 1954. These master recordings of original Swing-era artists were broadcast to Muzak’s business customers, but have not been heard for more than 50 years.

“In 1934, Muzak began providing music to corporate America, and the soundtrack of business was forever changed,” said Bruce McKagan, vice president, content services. “Three-quarters of a century later, we were very excited to discover that during our first 20 years in business, Muzak made exclusive recordings of some of the most popular artists of the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. While researching our company history, we uncovered hundreds of forgotten boxes of masters–and they’re in pristine condition.”

“Our 75th anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate Muzak’s past and redouble our focus on providing innovative music programming,” said Stephen P. Villa, Chief Executive Officer of Muzak. “The launch of our new website will facilitate interaction with current and potential clients while allowing the general public to enjoy great music and celebrate the anniversary of a great American company. In addition to launching the new website, we have other exciting events planned for 2009 that will build our brand, enhance our client relationships and expand our business. As always, we are focused on advancing technology to ensure that Muzak remains on the forefront of music and sensory branding innovation.”

Throughout 2009, Muzak will regularly release exclusive tracks on the new website, featuring influential artists such as the Dorsey Brothers, Rosemary Clooney, Glen Gray, Fats Waller, Vic Damone, The Green Brothers, Ben Selvin and Len Collins. These recordings have never previously been released to the public.

Seventy-five Years of Muzak