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MXL Announces M3 Silicon Valve Microphone

El Segundo, CA (May 12, 2006)--MXL Microphones has introduced its M3 Silicon Valve solid-state microphone.

El Segundo, CA (May 12, 2006)–MXL Microphones has introduced its M3 Silicon Valve solid-state microphone.
MXL M3 Silicon Valve solid-state microphoneBuilding upon the success of the V6, the M3 is a large diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser microphone with a reportedly warm, transparent sound reminiscent of popular vintage microphones from the early 60s. Optimized for vocal and dialog work, there are two M3 versions available-the M3-P, which is voiced specifically for female vocals, and the standard M3.

The new M3 and M3-P microphones are the result of more than three years of effort by engineers at Marshall Electronics’ HDTV labs in El Segundo, CA. The unique design of the M3’s balanced, transformer coupled, solid-state FET amplifier output stage bears a striking resemblance to the designs found in the front end of early British consoles. The result is a sound that mimics the performance characteristics of tubes with uncanny accuracy. Hence, the M3 delivers a warm, natural sound that was previously unachievable at this price point.

Both developed and manufactured at Marshall’s headquarters in Southern California, the M3 employs a large 1-inch capsule with a gold sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm. As a solid-state microphone, the M3 requires neither an external power supply, nor does it take valuable time to warm up-as is common with tube microphones. The M3’s body is finished in a hi-tech, iridescent blue with a silver plated grill (pink and silver for M3-P). The microphone ships in a beautiful, cherry wood box.

Wayne Freeman, MXL’s director of sales and marketing, commented on the company’s new offerings, “The new M3s has a classic look and solid construction coupled with an incredible sensitivity to capture the subtleties of the human voice. Even the most seasoned recording professional would be hard pressed to tell this isn’t a tube microphone.”

The MXL M3 has an MSRP of $349.95 and the M3-P an MSRP of $369.95, and they’re available at pro audio retailers everywhere.