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MystiQue Makes Move On Labgruppen Amps

New York (May 21, 2009)--Lab.gruppen FP Series amplifiers were recently selected by Mystique Sound Solutions to power its new Adamson concert sound system.

Four racks per side. (l-r):
A single FP 10000Q for the
Adamson Y-10 line arrays’ HF
and MF drivers, plus one FP
9000 for Y-10 LF drivers and
two FP 9000 amplifiers for
pair of T-21 subwoofers; a
single FP 1000Q amp for
remaining Y-10 HF/MF drivers,
one FP 9000 for Y-10 LF
drivers and one FP 900 for
remaining T-21 sub; TMB Pro
power distribution systems;
I/O patch panels.

New York (May 21, 2009)–Lab.gruppen FP Series amplifiers were recently selected by Mystique Sound Solutions to power its new Adamson concert sound system.

Founded in 1993 as a sound equipment manufacturer, Mystique Sound Solutions soon developed into a production and installation company for concerts, festivals and corporate events in the Midwest. “Last year, we decided to move into the touring business,” offers company founder and sound mixer Jay Morreale, “aiming to be the number-one rental company for arena, multi-stage festival tour and corporate venues within the states that border our home city of Minneapolis. Since we are already totally committed to Lab.gruppen power amplifiers, we opted to purchase a number of FP 9000 and FP 10000Q systems to power our new Adamson Y-Axis Series line arrays and T-21 subwoofers.

“The result is outstanding; we couldn’t be happier with the high-power handling, total reliability and sonic fidelity of these network-capable FP Series amplifiers. We are very excited with the capabilities of this new Lab.gruppen-powered PA package.”

Previous experience with Lab.gruppen’s fP 6400, 3400 and 2600 power amplifiers driving EAW KF Series cabinets meant that Morreale fully trusted the brand’s ability to handle his new rig. “In addition to requiring more power for our new Adamson system,” he explains. “We wanted to offer a fully-networked configuration for our clients with remote control and system monitoring. Lab.gruppen’s NLB 60E NomadLink Bridge & Network Controller connects over Ethernet and wireless links to our new 9K and 10K amplifiers; the control and monitoring software [running on a network controller PC] provides very useful channel-level adjustment and other information,” including power on/off, temperature measurements and other essential diagnostics. Basically how hard we are hitting the amps.”

Mystique Sound purchased a total of 10 FP 9000 and four FP 10000Q amplifiers to power its new line arrays, which comprise a dozen Adamson Y-10 three-way cabinets plus a trio of T-21 subwoofers per side. “We have housed the Lab.gruppen FP Series amps in four main racks,” Morreale continues. “One rack per side houses a single four-channel 1000Q that powers the HF and MF components for eight of our Y-21 cabinets–four drivers cabs per amp channel as parallel loads–while three two-channel 9000s power, respectively, the eight Y-10 LF drivers and two T-21 subs per side, with each 9K amp channel driving one of the subwoofer’s pair of 21-inch Kevlar drivers. A smaller rack per side houses a 10K and a 9K to power the remaining four Y-10 line-array cabinets, plus a second 9K for the T-21 subwoofer.” Each amp rack connects to the FOH system via a rack of XTA DP424 signal processors and crossover units and is accompanied by a TMD power-distribution system.

The Lab.gruppen NLB 60E Bridge/Network Controller enables each of Mystique Sound’s NomadLink-capable FP Series amplifiers to be accessed remotely. “That capability is vital,” Morreale states. “For outdoor festivals, where the promoter often wants to locate the racks under the stage, during summer months the amplifiers can sometimes overheat. Now, the client can monitor the temperature of all the power amplifiers, along with indications of open/short circuits and other critical system parameters. And if the amp racks are flown close to the line arrays and subs to reduce cable runs, there is no easy way that the sound crew can monitor each amplifier’s status, except remotely via Cat-5 and/or wireless links. That function is very huge for us!”

And Mystique Sound is also using other products from the TC Group for the new Lab.gruppen/Adamson rig, including three TC Electronic EQ Stations. “Each unit offers eight channels of parametric/graphic equalization and delay that we’ll use with our new 48-input/32-group Digidesign Profile consoles. We plan to use two stations for stage monitors – either in-ears or conventional wedges -and the other one for front-of-house for subgroup equalization. We really like the EQ Station’s intuitive user interface that was designed specifically for live sound.”


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