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Claret, France (March 8, 2011)--Netia is supplying Radio de Cabo Verde (RCV) with its Radio-Assist 8 suite of digital audio software.

Claret, France (March 8, 2011)–Netia is supplying Radio de Cabo Verde (RCV) with its Radio-Assist 8 suite of digital audio software.

Radio-Assist will be used to standardize and streamline ingest, production, broadcast, and archiving across five Group Radioteleviso Caboverdiana (RTC) stations on five islands. Working with systems integrator EuroCOM and in partnership with Radio France Internationale to provide some of the content, Netia will enable RTC to prepare and deliver regional news broadcasts in Portuguese and local Creole to the Cape Verde islands of Praia, Mindelo, Sal, Fogo, and Santa Caterina.

“As we consolidate and strengthen digital media workflows at RTC facilities, our primary objectives are to unify, centralize, and harmonize all existing systems and, in turn, to improve production and distribution of content,” said Francisco Monteiro, communication and marketing director for RCV. “Netia’s software system will provide us with the range of professional tools we require to complete this project successfully.”

The Radio-Assist 8 range of digital audio software programs address acquisition, sound file editing, commercial and music production, scheduling, multicasting, data security, and administration. With a common platform for working with and exchanging digital media, RTC stations across the Cape Verde islands will use it for their workflows and collaborative production capabilities.

“The Radio-Assist 8 software provides all the functionality required for ingest, production, and broadcast, and when deployed across multiple stations, as it will be for RTC, it yields significant improvements in collaborative news and program production,” said Pascal Cima, export sales manager at Netia. “RTC is able to exchange digital media between stations with ease and can more effectively draw on all of its journalistic resources to provide quality news content.”