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Neumann Moves Into Monitors

New York (May 17, 2010)--Neumann has taken aim at the other end of the audio chain with the introduction of its studio monitor range.

New York (May 17, 2010)–Neumann has taken aim at the other end of the audio chain with the introduction of its studio monitor range.

A few months ago it was announced that Neumann would add studio monitors to its product portfolio. This range is based on the products of the Klein + Hummel company, known in German-speaking countries and a few others, but less familiar internationally.

“That will certainly change in the near future, because the Neumann brand is well-established in the international studio world. We anticipate a strong synergy effect here,” explains Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Marketing/Sales at Neumann Berlin. “In the history of the company, Neumann stands for far more than microphone technology. Over the decades, we have also produced record-cutting equipment and studio consoles, for example. Our expertise in transformer design – for the microphone – as well as in signal processing and digital audio technology, has already been demonstrated. In addition Neumann has a leading role in the area of high technology, which is successfully implemented, for instance, in the digital microphones of the Solution-D series.”

Existing studio monitors are being incorporated into the Neumann product portfolio as the “KH Line”. Over time, new products will be developed; later this year, the first new studio monitors carrying the Neumann label will be launched.

Most of the former Klein + Hummel engineers continue to work for the Sennheiser Group, in support of the markets Installed Sound at Sennheiser, and Studio Monitor Systems at Neumann. Thus, for the most part, the same people still stand behind the products.

Klein + Hummel has been part of the Sennheiser Group since 2005. At the beginning of 2010, it was decided that the Studio products business would be further developed by Neumann, and that the Installed Sound area would be integrated into Sennheiser.

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