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Neutrik Takes On opticalCON Transceiver

Lakewood, NJ (May 15, 2009)--Neutrik has launched its opticalCON Transceiver Adaptor. 

Lakewood, NJ (May 15, 2009)–Neutrik has launched its opticalCON Transceiver Adaptor.

It is compatible with all LC SFP transceivers and reportedly enables the use of the company’s opticalCON or conventional LC connectors. The Chassis Connector features an automatic sealing shutter, which “avoids any transceiver contamination onsite and also helps users avoid vandalism by ‘protecting’ the transceiver.”

Neutrik’s newest transceiver adaptor is available in several variations depending on signal mode. Each is designated a particular color-coding for identification on site. Neutrik’s new receiver adaptors include Multimode (NAO2M-SFP-LC), which features a black color-coding; Singlemode (NAO2S-SFP-LC) with a blue color-coding; and Singlemode APC (NAO2SA-SFP-LC) with a color-coding of green.

“At Neutrik, integration is the key to staying at the forefront of connectivity trends and needs,” says Fred Besnoff, product applications manager at Neutrik USA. “Products such as the new opticalCON Transceiver Adapter enable us to offer our customers an optical solution from Neutrik, to seamlessly integrate with SFP transceivers.”