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New Adamson Series Makes Its Point

Germany (April 2, 2009)--Adamson introduced its new Point Series at the 2009 Frankfurt Pro Light + Sound show.

Adamson’s new Point Series
includes the Point 8 (shown
in white), the Point 12 (black)
and Point 15 (blue); all Point
series products can be custom-
painted to any Pantone color.
Germany (April 2, 2009)–Adamson introduced its new Point Series at the 2009 Frankfurt Pro Light + Sound show.

The series includes five new models, complete with EASE Data; the Point 8, Point 12 and Point 15 two-way enclosures, with companion single and double 15″ subwoofers; the Point115 Sub; and Point 215 Sub. A new 4 x 8 DSP, The Point Control, is also available for speaker management.

The Point Series incorporates Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture in all 12″ and 15″cabinets. The low-mid transducers have Kevlar cone geometries that are said to reduce modal behavior for improved and linearized pass-band.

The Point 8, Point 12 and Point 15 are all available in both active and passive versions. The Point 15 and Point 12 are equipped with a choice of 40 x 20, 60 x 40 or 90 x 60 rotatable Waveguides; the smaller Point 8 is available with a 90 x 60 rotatable waveguide. The height of the Point 8 matches the width of the Point 15 (for downfill applications) and the width of the Point 115 Sub, for smooth integration into arrays.

The Point 115 sub is a flyable, single 15″ available in passive and active versions. The passive crossover is designed for a seamless transition with the Point 8 (passive). The active version requires Point Control.

The Point 215 Sub is an active cabinet with dual 15″ drivers loaded in a manifold configuration. The compact package features a built-in, threaded pole mount socket and strategically placed standard screws which can be replaced with eyehooks when needed.

All two-way enclosures and the Point 115 Sub include Side Lock Revolver (SLR) rigging sockets for both vertical and horizontal arraying methods. The SLR rigging system includes Quick-lock vertical and horizontal brackets, as well as the Quick-lock Articulator hardware for two-deep arrays, and Quick-lock Butterfly Brackets for two-wide arrays. SLR sockets also host Sight Mount hardware for multiple adjustable angle mounting options. Cabinets are fitted with four 5/16-treads for Omni Mount 40 or 60 wall-mount systems.

Point enclosures offer an anisometric hexagon profile with a foam-covered, powder-coated steel grille. The enclosures are built of 11ply, 5/8-inch Baltic Birch–the same as Adamson’s touring series. A recessed rear panel features a pair of 45-degree angle NL-4 Speakon connectors that allow close mounting to a wall. The 1,114 colors of Pantone Color system are available to contractors who need to color-match loudspeakers and rigging accessories.

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