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Nexo Backs Obama In Prague

New York (April 16, 2009)--During his rcent visit to Europe, President Obama addressed a crowd of 30,000 in Prague via a Nexo Geo PA.

President Obama was heard
in Prague via Nexo Geo
loudspeakers, including
the Geo D10 front fill shown.
New York (April 16, 2009)–During his rcent visit to Europe, President Obama addressed a crowd of 30,000 in Prague via a Nexo Geo PA.

Speaking on the future of mankind, Barack Obama stood on a dramatic stage overlooking the city. The White House communications team brought along the President’s podium and microphones, but everything else for the show, from stage to screens to flower arrangements, was provided by RentalPro, one of the largest rental companies in the Czech Republic.

The stage was situated at the narrowest point of this funnel-shaped area, although foggy weather prevented the TV cameras from making the most of the view over the city behind. In order to preserve sightlines, a single 14-module array of Nexo Geo T was flown to the right of stage, backed up by 4 single Geo D10 cabinets, arranged as front-fill around the stage edge.

“We were very clear about this in our proposal,” explains Tomas Ourednicek of Music Data (Nexo’s distributor in the Czech Republic). “Obama’s people were sold on the fact that we could promise, in writing, that there would be no sound leaking back onto the stage, because of the cardioid characteristics of both the Geo T and Geo D systems.”

Ourednicek designed the system configuration, running on an EtherSound network, and built in maximum redundancy; all the amp racks, containing CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers and Nexo NX242 TDControllers fitted with ES4 EtherSound extension cards, were doubled up, and the EtherSound signal was backed-up with analog lines. The system even included a second Innovason SY48 front-of-house console for safety. “The most important factors were sightlines and clarity. The White House team was insistent that we use whatever equipment we needed to ensure that the last row of the crowd could hear every word.” For the 30-minute occasion, RentalPro provided more than 160 broadcast splits to all press and media operations, relaying Obama’s words to a TV audience around the world.

Two delay positions were set up, each featuring a 6m x 4m screen, and a L/R PA system of Nexo Geo S12 boxes. Located some 80 meters back from the main PA, the supplementary systems were comprised of seven Geo S1210s plus a Geo S1230 in each array. Taking no chances, Ourednicek posted a RentalPro technician with a Riedel intercom system on top of all main and delay PA towers.

Another smaller stage was built, equipped with Nexo PS Series, to entertain those arriving early in the Hrad_anské nám_stí. Signal from this stage was relayed to the main delay points so the crowd could enjoy music from a Blues Band until President Obama’s arrival, and from bluegrass band Druhá tráva after the welcome ceremony.

Ourednicek and his colleagues from RentalPro had to pass intensive security clearance from the US secret service. The Czechs checked out, as it were, and report that the new US President is one of the most charismatic performers they’ve ever worked for.

MusicData s.r.o. (Parent company of RentalPro)