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NHK International Upgrades to Fairlight CC-1

Sydney, Australia (March 12, 2010)--NHK International's television post production facility in Japan has undergone an  upgrade involving Fairlight's latest CC-1 technology. 

Sydney, Australia (March 12, 2010)–NHK International’s television post production facility in Japan has undergone an upgrade involving Fairlight’s latest CC-1 technology.

The facility, which is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, has replaced its Fairlight MFX equipment, installing a three-bay Fairlight Constellation console in its MA1 studio and a Fairlight Xynergi Media Production Centre in studio MA2. Both rooms have also been equipped with PyxisHD video.

NHK International creates foreign language versions of programs and documentaries produced by Japan’s main broadcaster NHK. The aim of this work, according to the company, is “to enhance mutual understanding between Japan and other countries, to promote goodwill and to contribute to improving standards of broadcasting.”

Commenting on the upgrade, Mr. Watanabe, chief audio engineer at NHK International, says, “We chose Fairlight CC-1 technology because we wanted to ensure file compatibility with other NHK studios and with newer file formats. We also wanted to maintain the ability to use data from our previous system.”