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NorthRidge Church On The Move

Saline, MI (June 23, 2010)--Portable Church Industries (PCI) recently designed several portable AV systems for the NorthRidge Church in Saline, MI for space it’s renting at a local public high school.

Saline, MI (June 23, 2010)–Portable Church Industries (PCI) recently designed several portable AV systems for the NorthRidge Church in Saline, MI for space it’s renting at a local public high school.

The main campus, located in Plymouth, has a congregation of over 11,000, and in order to meet the needs of its growing community NorthRidge Church needed to take on additional space. The church called upon PCI to custom design portable systems for the rented facility. According to the company’s president, Peter van der Harst, the systems required for NorthRidge Church were quite substantial.

The majority of the audio portion of the project included Yamaha Commercial Audio products, with the balance of the system in the form of video capture/display, lighting, trussing, musical instruments, power distribution, bookstore/point of sale, children’s gear, food service, vehicles to store the systems when not in use, casing, information technology, security, aesthetics, signage, large format graphics, FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment), training services, and smaller auditorium electronics for age-appropriate children’s presentation spaces.

For the purpose of the NorthRidge Church set up, the newly constructed, modern school facility’s main auditorium is used for adult worship, the Band Room as an elementary large group room, the Choir Room is used as a pre-school large group room, and the Black Box Rehearsal Room for middle school worship.

“We faced some unique challenges with the design of these systems,” said Ameen Kadri, design consultant, and now Campus Technical Director for NorthRidge Church. “Because we are using a public school facility, which has no on-site storage available to us, we had to design systems that can be setup and taken down quickly and easily by volunteers.”

“The Yamaha M7CL digital audio console was chosen because the user interface allows us to show volunteers how to operate the console very quickly,” said Kadri. “We added Yamaha SB168-ES Stage Boxes because we wanted to integrate the whole audio system over Cat5 cable. We are using a 4-pair Gepco Cat5 snake to facilitate EtherSound for send and receive audio signals. Aviom is used for on-stage monitoring, and a Hi-Q network for amplifiers and EQ.

Yamaha MG mixers are used for the pre-school, elementary, and middle school rooms. A Yamaha STAGEPAS portable system is used for nursery audio. “We really wanted to be able to achieve a sense of continuity between the different sound systems for volunteer growth,” said Kadri. Yamaha MSR Series speakers are used for the pre-school and elementary audio systems. “For the middle school sound system, we choose the JBL Eon 515 to give a nice full sound with just a 2-way box,” Kadri added.

For the adult space, a JBL VerTec system, powered by Crown I-tech HDs amps, was chosen because of the acoustic properties of the room, and overall height of the array needing to be able to fit through standard doorways. The line arrays are lifted vertically out of their cases with their hang points, box angles and wiring all pre-set. With the console, it is rolled into the trailer in its ATA case like many of the other cases in the system.

The adult sound system is also made up of several other components: Aviom tied to Shure PSM700s for monitors, Shure ULX wireless mics, and Horizon sub snakes and cabling. The PCI-designed systems also include a Neumark iDec for the middle school, Raxxess iPod docks for several systems, Tascam for CD playback/record, and AKG wireless for all youth systems.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.