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Norway BCC Meets BSS Soundweb London

Norway (September 19, 2007)--Reportedly one of the largest and most advanced Soundweb London network systems ever supplied by BSS Audio has been installed in Norway's new Brunstad Conference Center (BCC).

Norway (September 19, 2007)–Reportedly one of the largest and most advanced Soundweb London network systems ever supplied by BSS Audio has been installed in Norway’s new Brunstad Conference Center (BCC).

Situated along a fjord near Tønsberg in Vestfold, the 6,800-seat auditorium conference center was completed in June, 2004 and is run by a volunteer staff of professionals and technicians. Acoustically optimized, it is said to be one of the best-sounding concert halls of its scale in Norway, while no fewer than 870 guest cabins have been built in the surrounding valley for use by its members during conferences.

Soundweb London is required to function in two principle locations. First, it has to optimize the large JBL VerTec loudspeaker system in the auditorium, where the Crown I-Tech amplifier power source is controlled by two Soundweb London BLU-80 devices.

But up on the control bridge, the TV commentator and interpretation system has also been custom-made to incorporate Soundweb London. This was specified by the technical staff in Brunstad and developed and programmed by LydRommet’s Espen Andersen. “Their requirements for the system lay somewhere between a standard interpretation system and a commentary system,” he reports. “It was their demand for superior audio quality and flexibility of use that triggered the idea of using Soundweb.”

The output from the floor speaker and the podium, currently mixed by a Soundcraft GB4, is transported to the Soundweb system, and fed to the 20 translation booths by five BLU-80 devices. Each booth contains two mics and two headphone outputs, in addition to the simple custom-made control surface for the translators.

Soundweb headphone feeds enable the interpreters to decide which relay language they want to listen to by changing the device’s signal routing, while two BLU-80s serve as outputs for the IR-system, distributing up to 24 language channels, fed directly from the translators’ microphones.

The audio sent to the satellite link and the IP-TV is fed from the Soundweb interpretation system, where the translators’ mic signals are mixed with the floor audio. Duckers, with carefully adjusted parameters, ensure that the source audio remains in the background–overridden by the interpreter’s voice–returning to normal level when no translation is taking place.

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