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Nova Upgrades with Studer

Sofia, Bulgaria (July 26, 2010)--Nova TV in Bulgaria has added two Studer OnAir 3000 consoles.

Sofia, Bulgaria (July 26, 2010)–Nova TV in Bulgaria has added two Studer OnAir 3000 consoles.

Dobromir Georgiev, systems support engineer at Nova TV, remarked, “The ‘Touch’n’Action’ user interface is what makes Studer the best, because it’s just so easy to use. Having the touch screen there in front of you means you can access all of the functions very quickly.”

Both consoles are configured identically: one PGM stereo output; four hybrid channels for phone hybrids (bi-directional); separate channels for the audio server (four AES inputs and four AES outputs); a mic group (eight mics); a server group (4×2 AES channels); external sources (5×2 AES channels) and a VTR group (3×2 AES channels).

There is an OnAir 3000 in both the live newsroom and the sports center at Nova. Next May, the station will launch brand-new sports channel (Nova Sport) broadcast directly from the Nova TV sports center.

“Nova Sport will be produced by Diema, another TV company in the MTG group, but the main live production will come from Nova’s sports center because it’s the best facility,” says Georgiev. “People find it much easier to work here and after coming from another company myself, I found the contrast to be incredible; the Studer sound quality is outstanding.”