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NPR Goes Mobile with Conmio

Helsinki, Finland (January 25, 2009)--Finnish-based mobile technology company Conmio provided the software platform, design and audio services for NPR's new mobile platform.

Helsinki, Finland (January 25, 2009)–Finnish-based mobile technology company Conmio provided the software platform, design and audio services for NPR’s new mobile platform.

The redesigned and expanded site reportedly delivers a much improved user experience, including better audio, navigation and interactive tools. Conmio is the technology partner for a number of media, telecommunication and brand sites, providing turnkey software solutions for mobile services creation and management in the U.S. and abroad.

The Conmio-enabled technology is customized and adaptable for each online service provider’s IT- environments. The software, ManaGate, offers mobile service management and device detection frameworks for optimizing mobile user experience and service usability. For NPR Mobile Web, this feature ensures smooth mobile audio experience for all audio compatible web-enabled mobile devices.

In addition to a new station search feature, the NPR Mobile Web enhancements include a better audio experience, according to Conmio. Audio links can now be streamed directly within the device browser, a change from the former “click to call” feature, providing superior audio quality as well as availability in a wider range of formats: AAC, MP3, WMA, and RM.

Audio links to station live streams, podcasts, RSS feeds and newscasts are all available on the new service, a feature previously only possible via the NPR iPhone app.

All station newscasts listed in StationConnect will be available via the relaunched service. Station newscasts added to StationConnect will propagate immediately and automatically, providing listeners with continuous access to the latest content.

“As consumers rely more and more on their mobile devices for accessing news, information and entertainment, it is critical that the technology delivers the best user experience also with rich media,” said Tero Hamalainen, CEO of Conmio. “Known for its innovative, thought-provoking programming, NPR continues to set the standard for radio. We are pleased they turned to Conmio to extend that same level of technology innovation and quality to their mobile offerings.”