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Ocean Way Nashville Upgrades

Nashville, TN (April 13, 2009)--Ocean Way Nashville (OWN) has re-equipped its Studio C with a host of new gear from Audio One.

Nashville, TN (April 13, 2009)–Ocean Way Nashville (OWN) has re-equipped its Studio C with a host of new gear from Audio One.

The new control room includes a Digidesign ICON D-Control and Pro Tools|HD system; Sound Construction Racks and Iso Box; surround monitoring on KRK E8 speakers; 52-inch LCD video display; and 20-inch Apple Cinema display. Preamps include Neve, GML, Chandler, Purple, and others. Compressors include UREI 1176, LA-2A, LA-3A, Tube-Tech CL1B, Fairchild 660 and 670, Summit, dbx and others. EQs include GML 8200, Pultec EQP 10S, and API 560, 550A, and 550B.

Frank Conway (Audio One) conceived an alliance with Belmont University (owners of Ocean Way Nashville) that would serve the dual purpose of providing Belmont students with a broader range of tools on which to learn, while raising awareness of Audio One’s products and services.

Studio C, which is available for Ocean Way’s commercial clients as well, offers a digital production environment, live recording space, and surround/sound design capabilities.

Pat McMakin, OWN Director of Operations, comments, “This is the type of studio needed to round out our offerings here at Ocean Way Nashville. You can move between a very large orchestral room with an 80-input Neve 8078 to a mid-size tracking/mixing room with a 96-input Neve VR to an all ‘in the box’ environment. With our great mic selection, client service, and versatility, we offer a one-stop solution for any type of recording.”

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