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Orban Integrates Penteo at NAB

Las Vegas, NV (April 8, 2010)--Orban will introduce its new Optimod 8685 with Penteo Surround at NAB.

Las Vegas, NV (April 8, 2010)–Orban will introduce its new Optimod 8685 with Penteo Surround at NAB.

The proprietary Penteo stereo-to-5.1 audio process allows the 8685 to provide two-band and five-band audio processing for surround sound broadcasting and netcasting. Orban and Penteo now make it possible for television stations to automatically broadcast all of their legacy stereo programming and stereo commercials in discrete 5.1 surround. Penteo 5.1 is completely compatible with televisions that have stereo audio systems because these sets will reproduce the original stereo that was applied to the Penteo upmixer.

The Orban Optimod 8685 is also aimed for mastering audio in broadcast productions as well as productions intended for media such as DVD and Blu-ray.

Robert Orban, chief engineer of Orban, stated, “When choosing an upmix algorithm to complement Orban’s Optimod-Surround 8685 audio processor, I auditioned a number of different processes. Of these, only the Penteo Surround upmix sounded like discrete five-channel while preserving the balance of the stereo source without coloration. I was particularly impressed by its ability to place dialog firmly in the center channel even when the mix included other elements placed around the stereo soundstage. Penteo was the hands-down winner of my shoot-out.”

Penteo is also exhibiting at Orban’s NAB booth two new standalone stereo-to-5.1 conversion products: the Penteo PostPro Desktop and Penteo PostPro Rackmount units.

Orban’s Penteo upmixer for the 8685 resides in a standalone 1RU chassis that is controlled by the 8685 via an Ethernet connection. The Penteo unit only upmixes if it detects a controlling 8685 on the same subnet; otherwise it remains in “pass-through” mode. Program-adaptive automatic mode switching is available, where the Penteo detects whether its input is receiving stereo or 5.1 material and automatically activates upmixing if it detects stereo. If 5.1 material is detected, it is passed through to the Penteo’s output with the same delay as the upmixed material, thus preserving lip-sync.

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