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Vienna, Austria (March 17, 2011)--Austrian public broadcaster ORF has acquired a pair of Harman's Soundcraft Vi1 digital consoles.

Vienna, Austria (March 17, 2011)–Austrian public broadcaster ORF has acquired a pair of Harman’s Soundcraft Vi1 digital consoles.

One of the compact Vi1s will be for portable use while the other will be permanently installed in the Innsbruck broadcasting hall for FOH and recording purposes (using RME MADI cards and M-16 DA extension). The order was placed with Soundcraft’s Austrian distributor Kain Audio by Landesstudio Tirol, one of nine regional studios operating under the ORF umbrella, after carrying out extensive tests against other brands.

According to ORF tonmeister J¸rgen Brunner, “We considered a number of different factors, such as price, size, quality and ease of use. We concluded that the Vi1 was the best concept for us, very easy to use, with the Widescreen Vistonics interface, and with no quality limitations. The internal filters sounded excellent as did the graphic EQ, and it offers good flexibility, with external Stagebox, MADI option and offline editor–all packaged into a really good price. With a digital console like the Vi1 there is no need to pick up dozens of graphic EQs or other external effects.”

While the desk’s footprint had been one of the overriding criteria, ORF also needed the ability to save and recall different shows with different cues, and to handle everything over a WLAN network in the future. After its first outing–broadcasting a live folk music show from the center of a ski resort 2,200 meters (7,218 ft.) above sea level–Jurgen Brunner felt the decision had been justified. “The Vi1 is exactly the right console for the things we need; it’s very easy to use and to configure, and it sounds great.”

The broadcaster also runs three Soundcraft analog consoles in its small video OB trucks, and is in the process of purchasing new Compact Stageboxes for its mobile Vi1 and for a new Soundcraft Si Compact currently on order from Kain Audio.