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Over the Rainbow Room

New York, NY (January 18, 2008)--In 1934, John D. Rockefeller Sr. developed the New York City business center which holds his name and opened its crowning jewel, the world-renowned Rainbow Room.

Yamaha’s Bob Quinones, Boulevard Pro engineer Bob Potanka, partner James Cioffi and engineer Paul Danese (seated). Above them hangs the venue’s new Nexo Geo S line array.New York, NY (January 18, 2008)–In 1934, John D. Rockefeller Sr. developed the New York City business center which holds his name and opened its crowning jewel, the world-renowned Rainbow Room. With magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline, the Rainbow Room was conceived as a formal supper club and intimate establishment where the elite and influential of New York could gather and dance to the strains of legendary musicians. The Rainbow Room properties, housed over two floors at Rockefeller Center, are run by the Cipriani family, owners of the legendary Harry’s Bar. The multiple function rooms seat 20-400; the most prestigious–and also the signature–Rainbow Room, seating 400, can be set for concerts by named acts, corporate events, live TV shows, etc.

Citiview AV, a New York-based full service location production company has overseen the needs of Cipriani’s and the Rainbow Room for about nine years and has had a long-standing relationship with audio installer, Boulevard Pro of New Jersey. “The previous line-array system in the Rainbow Room was installed about eight years ago, and with the new technology currently available, I re-approached Boulevard to recommend a new system,” states Citiview owner Steven Lichtensteiger. His requirements were that the system be smaller, well known and familiar to visiting engineers. “There were restrictions on how the system could look and where it could be flown,” says Mr. Lichtensteiger.

“Citiview AV requirements were that the system had to be powerful, lightweight and small,” states James Cioffi, a partner in Boulevard Pro. “Site lines were super important issues, and the speakers had to be heard and not seen. Given these goals and guide lines our first and only choice was the Nexo Geo S line array.”

Boulevard arranged for Mr. Lichtensteiger to hear a Nexo system in lower Manhattan, and he liked what he heard and saw. The recommendation for the famous room with its Art Deco style was a Nexo Geo S 8 system. The design/install team from Boulevard Pro consisted of Cioffi, Mike Marri, partner, John Orth, project manager, and John Benetti and Jamie Moran.

The system includes Nexo NX242 system controllers, six Geo S805, two Geo S 830s, two CD12 subs, four Yamaha T3n power amps, one Roland S-4000 digital snake and a 40-space Raxxess installation rack. The system is configured with three Geo S 805 elements and one Geo S 830 per side with polar focus and Nexo bumper bars on the room’s existing lighting truss. Boulevard installed CD12 subs in the existing scrim area above the stage, one per side. All Nexo system controllers and the Yamaha T3n amps are located in a remote amp room. “The Yamaha amps were a product we had never used before and they are working really well,” notes Cioffi. “They are built like tanks and sound wonderful.” A Roland digital snake with three remote Cat5e patch points is also located in the room.

“The sound quality and performance of the system work very well,” Mr. Lichtensteiger says. “It is rental friendly and easy to use. There have been many acts through the room and everyone seems pleased.”

Boulevard Pro

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