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Paragon Remixes Orbison for Rock Band 2

Franklin, TN (January 9, 2009)--Paragon Studios recently completed remixing six Roy Orbison classics for a Rock Band 2 video game download pack. 

Franklin, TN (January 9, 2009)–Paragon Studios recently completed remixing six Roy Orbison classics for a Rock Band 2 video game download pack.

“The interesting thing about doing this kind of a project is that you’re taking material that is over 25 years old and trying to find that balance of how to modernize the sound for today’s purposes while also trying to maintain the integrity of the original mix,” says Fred Paragano, owner of Paragon Studios.

The six hit songs include “Oh, Pretty Woman,” “You Got It,” “Claudette,” “Mean Woman Blues,” “Ooby Dooby” and “In Dreams.”

It was important to the Orbison family that Paragon Studios did not re-record the classic tunes with mock artists, but rather use the original masters and Roy’s voice from the actual recordings. In order to accomplish this, Paragon first started out by pulling the original master recordings from their vault. The next step required some degree of forensic work in order to determine which recordings were the actual masters as opposed to copies, slaves or alternate takes. Once the masters were identified, they were transferred from 2-inch, 24-track tapes and then digitally archived for future uses. The songs were then cleaned up, remixed and then mixed into multiple stem mixes, making them compatible for the video game. Due to the tight deadline for delivery, Paragano mixed four of the songs in Paragon’s Control B on the SSL C300 console, while J.R. McNeely mixed an additional two songs in Control A on the SSL XL9080.

“We were very happy to discover that the master recordings were recorded very well and maintained their integrity after all those years,” says Paragano. “Anytime you are working with tapes that old, you will be presented with challenges; you’ve got hiss and other noise that need to be cleaned up. And so, the clean-up process and noise reduction process were pretty extensive on this project.”

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