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Peavey Electronics amp Agile Partners AmpKit 11

Peavey AmpKit 1.1 is a “massive” update to this guitar amps and effects app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users.

Peavey AmpKit 1.1 is a “massive” update to this guitar amps and effects app for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users. The update features a new iPad interface, audio copy and paste, setup sharing, iPod music library access, new gear, and much more. AmpKit and its companion AmpKit LiNK electric guitar adapter, provide guitar and bass players with amps/effects simulations across the full range of iOS devices.
Now a “universal” app supporting iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, v1.1 is available for free to everyone who already purchased AmpKit or AmpKit+ for iPhone/iPod touch. In addition, any gear (i.e., amps, pedals, mics) that users already purchased can be easily shared across devices using AmpKit’s Restore Purchases functionality. With AmpKit, users never pay twice for the same gear, even if they have both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad devices.
“Already offering twice the gear of its closest competitor,” boasts Peavey, premium new features of v.1.1 include:
1. American Acoustic: Specifically designed for the electro-acoustic guitarist, this new amp has 16 built-in acoustic-friendly effects and a PA simulation cabinet.
2. Tremo-LOL: A new Tremolo pedal with American and British tremolo modes in a single unit.
3. Wahba Doo: Three wahs in one: envelope filter, auto-wah, and manual wah with accelerometer tilt support.
New Ways to Buy Gear: v.1.1 includes three new bundles featuring discounts ranging from 50% to almost 70% compared to individual component prices. In fact, you can buy almost every item in AmpKit’s Gear Store via these highly discounted bundles:
1. The Effector Pack: 6 great stomp-boxes including delay, reverb, octave, tremolo, vibrato, and wah.
2. The Clean & Classic Pack: Six amps and eight effects pedals tailored for clean, vintage, and acoustic styles.
3. The Power Pack: Six amps with a penchant for gain, plus eight additional gain and compression effect pedals.
4. Post-Amp Effects: You can now place pedals both before and after the amp in the effects chain, enabling major improvements in audio quality and many effects, including reverb and delay.
Finally, recording enhancements abound. AmpKit now provides an enhanced composite waveform that shows both wet and
dry levels on the same display, and you can flick-scroll recordings. Rotation Support for iPhone/iPod touch is included, too; you can now use AmpKit with your iPhone or iPod touch inverted which enables better cable routing in many instances.
Prices: Free, $19.99, and $39.99 (AmpKit, AmpKit+ and AmpKit LiNK, respectively)
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