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London, England, (March 14, 2011)--Hackenbacker Audio Post used PenteoSurround to create an immersive soundtrack for new film, Submarine.

PenteoSurround’s senior European representative, Tom Allom, and re-recording mixer Nigel Heath.
London, England, (March 14, 2011)–Hackenbacker Audio Post used PenteoSurround to create an immersive soundtrack for new film, Submarine.

Submarine, a coming-of-age film that appeared at The Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals, used the new PenteoSurround stereo-to-5.1 system to create an immersive Dolby Digital soundtrack. Re-recording mixer Nigel Heath, of the UK’s Hackenbacker Audio Post, created LCRS audio from stereo mixes of music by Alex Turner from the band Arctic Monkeys.

“We were really keen on having the songs sort of ‘melt’ out of the dialogue scenes rather than ‘pop out’ like a regular ‘needledrop’ cue can sometimes do,” explained Heath. “The nature of the songs themselves and the way we were able to incorporate them into the track, thanks, in part to the gorgeous sound of the Penteo processor, really helped us achieve our goal. I used Penteo on all the two-track material we upmixed to 5.1.”

Submarine is a comedy that follows a 15-year-old boy with two objectives: To lose his virginity before his next birthday, and to stop his mother from leaving his father for her dance teacher. The U.K. release date is March 18.

James Ford produced Alex Turner’s songs in stereo. With multichannel stems unavailable due to the nature of the recordings, Heath had to find a way to generate LCRS audio from the stereo mixes and wanted an alternative to his usual method of achieving this. Heath turned to the Penteo 5.1 processor, a hardware device that he says, “is a superb machine which really looks after the music. The stability of the imaging is rock solid and natural, the center, left and right are free from ‘steering’ artifacts and, most impressively, subsequent downmixes from the 5.1 generated by the Penteo are incredible.”

Heath concluded, “One isn’t taken out of the film when the songs appear, but due to both the nature of the songs and the imaging of the audio, they allow you to sink even deeper into the story, and ultimately they’re great songs, of course.”

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