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Podcast Wins with SADiE

Cambridge, UK (June 29, 2010)--Producer Francesca Panetta scooped this year's Sony Gold Award for Best Internet Program with the help of SADiE's BB2 desktop audio editing system.

Cambridge, UK (June 29, 2010)–Producer Francesca Panetta scooped this year’s Sony Gold Award for Best Internet Program with the help of SADiE’s BB2 desktop audio editing system.

Set up by Panetta and Felix Carey in 2008, the podcast impressed the judges, who commented: “The Hackney Podcast is just the type of targeted and locally orientated content that sets podcasting apart from conventional radio broadcasting. Using first-rate contributors, the podcast examined how water fits into the lives of people in Hackney. The production quality is outstanding, giving the whole listen a water-like lyricism that carries the listen through to its conclusion.”

Panetta first used SADiE for editing on joining Radio 3 in 2000, and when the BB2s were introduced to the BBC in 2004, she bought one. “I was working as a freelance reporter for Radio 4 in my free time then and didn’t want to spend my evenings and weekend in the office editing,” she explains. “SADiE is a great editing program for any speech programs. The playlist editing mode in particular means I can edit quickly and I love the way you can easily adjust the fade in and out of an edit in this mode. None of the other editing programs I’ve used have this.”

Another simple but key tool for Panetta is slip. “Cubase (as used at the Guardian) doesn’t have this, so every time I want to move an edit, I have to highlight everything I want to move to the right and manually move it. Also, as a lot of my features end up with pretty complicated EDLs, I use the slip left function a lot too.”

“I can’t imagine editing on destructive software,” she continues. “SADiE allows me to very quickly hack together a rough draft, then go through and polish up edits afterwards. My process of working means that I don’t make final decisions in the early stages of an edit.”

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