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Polar Focus Lbeam Rigging Equipment

The Polar Focus Lbeam ($210; dealer cost) is a wonderful new companion piece to the tried and true Zbeam.

Product PointsApplications: Single point rigging for two speakers

Key Features: 1,000-pound capacity; pre-machined holes for many different speakers

Price: $210

Contact: Polar Focus at 877-467-6527 413-586-4444 Web SiteI previously reviewed a very cool piece of rigging equipment, called Zbeams, from Polar Focus (PAR, 5/00, p. 47). Polar Focus’ newest gear, Lbeams, is equally cool.


The Polar Focus Lbeam ($210; dealer cost) is a wonderful new companion piece to the tried and true Zbeam. The Zbeam, as you may recall, is a unique piece of rigging gear that allows any speaker to be flown, and also allows for precise alignment of multiple speakers through the use of silk-screened angle scales, as well as a pull-back alignment scheme proprietary to the Polar Focus family of rigging equipment. The Lbeam allows you to hang two Zbeam and speaker assemblies together from a single rig point.

The Lbeam weighs only 13 pounds and is 30 inches long. It is constructed from precisely machined black anodized aluminum. The Lbeam accommodates loads up to 1,000 pounds by attaching the loads with 5/16-inch forged shackles looped through any of the multiple machined holes on the bottom surface.

On the top surface is a forged shoulder eyebolt, securely attached at the geometric center of the beam, allowing for an exact, level hang. Once the load is placed at the working height, steering is accomplished through the use of the speaker’s cables. There are plenty of off-the-shelf parts and accessories available for the Zbeams from numerous distributors throughout the world to aid you in the rigging of your speaker systems.

In use

I have taken the Zbeams to several different venues to try them out. In each case, I was hanging Yorkville TX4s (a mid-sized speaker weighing about 65 pounds), and incorporating recessed factory flying hardware. The speakers were hung with Zbeams, attached in pairs to the Lbeams. The complete rig was hung from single points with chain motors and were quite easily steered by the speaker cables.

The manufacturer provided the hardware kit, making installation of all the parts and speakers easy, which reduced our labor output substantially. The beams hung evenly and level, and the black anodized finish made for an attractive and impressive installation.


I have hung or flown speakers for years, using the conventional method of nylon slings and shackles – an adequate but unkempt method. The Polar Focus Lbeams should, and quite possibly will, become the conventional method of speaker and equipment rigging. They are not only exact in placement, well made and attractive – they also significantly lower the labor quotient by not having to find just the right “choke” that is associated with slings and shackles.

The Polar Focus Zbeams – in conjunction with Lbeams – are a rigging

must-have for any professional production company that flies equipment.

Contact:Polar Focus at 877-467-6527; 413-586-4444