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Post-Sale Midas and KT Look Ahead

By Clive Young. New York (December 10, 2009)—In the wake of their sale to The Music Group, Midas / Klark Teknik managing director John Oakley tells Pro Sound News the brands are ready to forge ahead.

Midas/KT managing
director John OakleyBy Clive Young.

New York (December 10, 2009)—In the wake of this week’s sale of Midas and Klark Teknik to German-based holding company The Music Group, Midas/KT managing director John Oakley tells Pro Sound News the two brands are ready to forge ahead.

Pending completion of the deal in late January, the two companies will now be under the auspices of The Music Group, a European-based holding company for pro audio and music product brands. Previously, as part of Bosch Communications Systems, Midas and Klark-Teknik were among more than 275 subsidiary companies owned by Robert Bosch GmbH, the world’s largest automobile component supplier.

Speaking to PSN, Oakley sees good things to come under The Music Group: “It is always difficult to get enough management attention to be able to develop your business ideas in a very large corporate organization, especially when your products and markets are both complex and very different from the parent company’s core business. Having new owners who both understand our business and who are themselves practicing musicians will make it so much easier to ‘chuck ideas around’ and take the best ones forward.

“But most critically The Music Group understands the importance of strengthening our core values in the long term. Ultimate sonic purity, build quality, ease of use, a strong long term investment for the customer, and customer support will not only be maintained but improved as we continue to provide customers with the ultimate mixing machines.”

The Music Group, managed by Uli Behringer and Michael Deeb, also owns the Behringer brand, which has its own self-contained, vertically integrated plant, Behringer City, in China. The eight-building, 1.2 million square-foot manufacturing complex produces electronics, speakers, guitars and digital pianos, shipping more than 2.5 million Behringer products annually, including more than 50,000 mixers a month.

Despite having that kind of manufacturing capability at hand, however, Oakley states it’s not necessarily a given that Midas and Klark Teknik will make use of it. “For many years, our manufacturing policy has been to procure bespoke assemblies and piece parts from the highest quality suppliers we can find,” says Oakley. “Over the years, we have made many changes in pursuit of perfection. This policy will continue. The Eurotec factory (Behringer City) has a very strong quality ethos and a very low returns rate. Naturally, we will be evaluating it as a potential supplier using our established assessment processes. There is no compulsion for us to use Eurotec; it will stand on its merits alongside other suppliers.”

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