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Post Shop Cleans Up Manhattan Streets

New York, NY (February 26, 209)--Wolfe/Doyle Advertising called upon Hyperbolic Audio to create the "Open Mic" campaign for MSGPlus (MSG+), the sister of MSG Network.

New York, NY (February 26, 209)–Wolfe/Doyle Advertising called upon Hyperbolic Audio to create the “Open Mic” campaign for MSGPlus (MSG+), the sister of MSG Network.

Hyperbolic Audio supplied everything from voice casting and recording to audio clean-up and mixing for the four TV and two radio spots that feature man-on-the-street interviews, which pose the question: “What do you want from a New York sports network?”

The company’s founders, Julian Rebolledo and Sean Elias-Reyes, began by finding the voice of someone who loved sports. “I immediately thought of Brian Hansbury and sent an MP3 demo reel, along with those of other voiceover talent, to Wolfe/Doyle executive producer Lee Scharfstein,” recalls Rebolledo. “My gut feeling was spot-on: Brian was hired and we booked him for a voiceover session at our recording facilities.”

Hyperbolic Audio is a subsidiary of Shut Up & Talk, a seven-year-old, full-service casting and recording house.

“The interviews had to sound like a candid, documentary-style Q&A. Because all the spots were shot on the streets of Manhattan, considerable time was spent eliminating unwanted noise,” notes Rebolledo. “The challenge was maintaining the fine line between preserving a natural city ambiance, and eliminating distracting sounds.”

Sound designer/mixer Andres Cuervo recorded Hansbury’s voiceover session and cleaned up the location sound from the man-on-the-street interviews. EQ’ing and noise reduction were executed using Pro Tools plug-ins in Hyperbolic Audio’s new Studio A, the largest of the company’s three studios. The stereo mix for the spots married the location sound with Hansbury’s voiceover and a driving music score.

“The MSG+ campaign epitomizes the kind of work we’d like to do more of at Hyperbolic,” says Rebolledo. “It utilized many of our services–from voice casting and recording, through sound design and mixing.”

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