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PrimalScream Launches Ad Band

Los Angeles, CA (February 11, 2009)--PrimalScream Music's Nicole Dionne has assembled a radio-ready, photo-friendly, all-girl band to appear in a national ad campaign and live performances.

Los Angeles, CA (February 11, 2009)–PrimalScream Music’s Nicole Dionne has assembled an all-girl band to appear in a national ad campaign and live performances.

In March of 2008, PrimalScream Music cast a net in search of prospects for an all-girl band to appear in a national ad campaign. A veteran creative director/executive producer with a track record, Dionne’s brief was not only to bring together an ensemble to record original music, but assemble a full-on, radio-ready, photo-friendly band that could rock in live performances. And there might be some TV appearances too, and a website, and more original songs to be written and recorded. Oh, and the advertiser would be a lingerie company, with the musicians showcasing the product line.

And so, 450 agents and managers later, on top of blanketing schools, music stores and more to find talent, after four months of auditions, Dionne delivered not just a song, or a band, or even a brand band. She delivered “Advertising’s First and Hottest Bra Brand Band,” called The Vassarettes.

The band has since played to a sellout crowd at the Cutting Room in New York; appeared in Marie Clare and In Style ads, as well as the back covers of Us Weekly and Blackbook; and–in collaboration with Stuart Brawley, Joe Cocoran, and Steve Bertrand –Dionne and the band have created three more songs. The Vassarettes will make their TV debut on Style Network’s “Running in Heels” on April 19, 2009.

“It is very gratifying to have found girls who have spent their lives being disciplined, who have worked so hard to learn to play instruments and to sing, and see them so quickly advance their careers and gain such invaluable experience,” Dionne said.

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