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Princes Paisley Park Is Monster Powered

Minneapolis, MN (September 24, 2004)--Monster Power, a division of Brisbane, CA-based Monster Cable, has played a part in the successful re-opening of Prince’s Paisley Park as a commercial facility. A recent private party celebrated the famed studio’s re-opening.

Minneapolis, MN (September 24, 2004)–Monster Power, a division of Brisbane, CA-based Monster Cable, has played a part in the successful re-opening of Prince’s Paisley Park as a commercial facility. A recent private party celebrated the famed studio’s re-opening.

“For Prince, this means that the facility can actually be a place where music and any content can be developed free from the usual pressures and limitations,” explained Dave Hampton, technical director/ Paisley Park Studios. “Paisley Park’s goal for its open house was for attendees to be given the opportunity to “see” music and for the local creative community to come in and talk with several Grammy-winning engineers. We also wanted to extend our gratitude to some of the top names in technology, and of course Monster is high on that list.”

Added Hampton, “All studios as well as video edit rooms are using the Monster AVS 2000, the PRO7000 and the UPS 1000. Minnesota has some very unusual power grid fluctuations, so we use the AVS unit’s ability to clean and monitor AC power in our critical areas. This has actually helped us create a consistent operational environment for the studios.”

Monster’s Automatic Voltage Stabilizer protects connected equipment in the event of extended over voltage. It features a triple-shielded 8ft. PowerLine 400 cable for maximum transfer and provides consistent 120V output when AC fluctuates anywhere from 80-140V.

There are two very important reasons why music professionals need PRO PowerCenters. The first is for filtering interference (“dirty power”) and the second if for protection for damaging surges and spikes. The PRO7000 features Monster’s Dual Balanced Pure Power Transformers and Stage 5 Clean Power, raising the bar for power filtering and system protection to a new level. The PRO7000 features sequenced AC power turn-on and turn-off that insures equipment protection and overload prevention.

Monster’s Clean Power technology uses five ultra-advanced isolated filters to provide further rejection of the electromechanical and radio frequency interference present in AC power lines. These include two digital filters, analog audio and video filters, and a high-current audio filter. The PRO7000 is able to minimize the types of interference that affect each individual application for ultimate interference rejection while providing clean power for the best possible sound.

The Monster UPS 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply conveniently protects against lost memory settings due to suddenly lost power and prevents damage to components caused by incorrect turn-on sequencing when AC power is restored. The UPS 1000 uses Ultra High 600 VA rating for reliable, long lasting power back-up of connected components with Emergency KickStart circuitry that supplies start-up power during power failures. Six color-coded, labeled outlets with matching cord labels make for easy hook-up.

“The recording process starts at the wall outlet,” explained Noel Lee. “The electricity coming out of the wall is heavily polluted with fluctuations in the current and inherent white noise, all of which ends up distorting, altering, and degrading the recording quality as well as sometimes even damaging the gear itself. There is no such thing as a clean and constant 120 Volt current. That’s why Monster has developed the Signature AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer that uses a Monsterous microprocessor control variable transformer that delivers full power to studio equipment despite power fluctuations and surges. It adds a new look to our most highly reviewed power product.”

Hampton added that Paisley Park will be implementing the same Monster units every time they design a solution. They even have a mobile power rack that they use to create emergency “reliable” power since they have found that Monster products help them in the studio when they are trying to maintain the right electrical environment for “Vintage” equipment.

“I enjoy the care and concern that goes into designing products that need to work every time,” said Hampton. “I always liked Monster gear because, personally, I believe that anything designed by a tech will be great due to the fact that a tech’s sensitivity requires that he always knows the rules about how to keep things running smooth. Noel Lee and his staff not only make great looking gear, they build great working gear, as well. We are looking forward to implementing and are very excited by some of the new technologies that Noel discussed with us while at the open house.”

According to Hampton, “Our history as a facility is evident, now it’s really about what we can all do together creatively. When I started, I was asked to create an ‘excuse-free’ creative environment. Monster Cable has helped us to achieve that goal.”

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