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New York, NY (March 25, 2011)--Pro Sound Effects has released a new library created by the Soundrangers interactive audio studio.

New York, NY (March 25, 2011)–Pro Sound Effects has released a new library created by the Soundrangers interactive audio studio.

The Soundrangers library contains 21,117 sound effects delivered on a portable Glyph hard drive that features search software and includes one year of free sound effects updates. Companies as Google, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Adobe and HBO have used the library for years.

The hard drive is organized into hierarchical categories such as gameplay and user interface elements, Foley, nature, animals, vehicles, weapons, looping ambiences, whooshes, cinematic transitions and more. One-shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited for plug-and-play, and ambiences are pre-edited to loop. The sound effects are presented in broadcast .wav (24 bit/48 kHz, 24/44.1, 16/44.1) as well as .mp3 and Ogg Vorbis compressed formats.

According to Soundrangers, “As active sound designers working with clients daily, we use this experience and design aesthetic when creating content for our library. From the beginning, our goal was to create a unique and diverse sound library that addressed the needs of interactive developers. One feature of this is we pre-edit everything, so end users can just drop the sounds into their game or interactive production. This approach also makes the sounds very easy to use in just about any type of project.”

“The Soundrangers catalog represents a vital addition to our library and licensing solutions,” added Douglas Price, president of Pro Sound Effects. “This unique library represents an ideal sound effects resource to address the explosion in interactive media creation of all types and beyond.”

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