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Rio Rancho, NM (March 17, 2011)--The house band for the CW network's The After After Party has adopted the new Lectrosonics Quadra wireless IEM system.

Rio Rancho, NM (March 17, 2011)–The house band for the CW network’s The After After Party has adopted the new Lectrosonics Quadra wireless IEM system.

Six-time Grammy nominated funk band and Universal recording artist The James Douglas Show is among the first acts in the U.S. to deploy Lectrosonics’ new Quadra system. Lead vocalist James Douglas and bassist Zach Fowler share a single M4T half-rack transmitter that feeds two M4R diversity belt-pack receivers.

“The ability to have your own, wireless, personalized monitor mix while performing is a huge advantage for musicians,” explained Fowler. “Unfortunately, the IEM systems I’ve encountered prior to the Quadra weren’t particularly effective in terms of their sound quality or their ability to manage the mix. This is where the new Quadra really shines. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to operate in either 2- or 4-channel mode, the Quadra takes IEM systems to a whole new level. Presently, James and I are the only two using the system, but we have plans to expand beyond that before long.”

“Right now, we’re each operating in 2-channel mode,” says Fowler, “and our transition to the equipment is an ongoing process. As we expand the Quadra system, we’ll start working in 4-channel mode so that, as an example, I could have the main mix in channels one and two while my vocals and bass each feed channels 3 and 4. This way, I’ll have precise control over how much ‘me’ I want in my monitor mix. For the time being, James and I are each taking a two-channel feed from the monitor console. Even though we’re not yet using the system to its full potential, the sound quality, ease of use, and reliability is far superior to any other IEM system we’ve tried.”

Airing Friday nights at 2 a.m., The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezeda & The James Douglas Show is the CW network’s late-night TV offering throughout the southwestern U.S. Host Steven Michael Quezada is a five-time NMHEA Comedian of the Year who also plays Gomez on the Emmy Award-winning AMC series Breaking Bad.