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Quik-Lok OR-Series Rack Stands and BS-300 Monitor Stands

Okay, I admit it: I was a keyboard player in what my engineer friend affectionately (I think) refers to as a "skinny tie band" in the mid-'80s.

Okay, I admit it: I was a keyboard player in what my engineer friend affectionately (I think) refers to as a “skinny tie band” in the mid-’80s. You know, the Flock-of-Haircuts sort. In fact, we played several supporting dates with the Flock and other pop icons of the era. We actually never wore skinny ties, but we did have the big hairdos. Now, we’re lucky if we have any hair.

Why am I dredging up such wonderful, and potentially embarrassing memories? Throughout the seven-year span of that band – and numerous live dates – there was always something there to provide me with strength and support: my Quik-Lok keyboard and amp stands.

Those same stands are now living out their post-’80s retirement in the sunny luxury of my home project studio. That’s right · they’re still standing (sorry, Elton). Some young relatives of my original Quik-Lok stands have recently come to visit, and my, haven’t they grown up tall and strong. These young upstarts are the new Quik-Lok OR-Series rack stands and the BS-300 Monitor Stands, designed and built for use in professional and project studios.

Features/In use

The OR-Series rack stands are attractive enough to sidle into a living room setting and get mistaken for an Italian end table and breakfront. Complete with a smoked-glass top (and optional glass door) and arc-welded steel construction, the OR-Series is simultaneously stylish and sturdy.

The rack stands provide an attractive, permanent home to all standard rackmountable gear. Its open-back design and modular rear cross bars even accommodate gear greater than 21 inches deep.

Interior cable channels in the back of the units make unsightly cable tangles a thing of the past. Finely perforated steel side panels allow plenty of ventilation, and locking, heavy-duty casters provide easy mobility.

Assembling the OR-Series racks was a breeze. It took me about five minutes per unit to go from the UPS box to speeding down my hallway on the smooth casters. All you need to assemble them is the supplied Allen wrench.

Each rack is available as a base unit or as a stackable add-on unit (without the glass shelf and casters). The 10-rackspace OR-110B base unit lists for $359 ($249 for the OR-110A add-on unit) and the 20-rackspace OR-120B base unit lists for $459 ($349 for the OR-120A add-on unit).

Also new from Quik-Lok are the BS-300 adjustable height monitor stands ($79.95 each). While not quite as nouveau chic as the OR-Series rack stands, they are every bit as sturdy and functional.

The stands feature a large-footprint triangular base, measuring 17.7 inches per side. This gives the stands a solid feel and an anchored center of gravity. Like the OR rack stands, the BS-300 monitor stands are of arc-welded, solid steel construction with a black finish.

Quik-Lok includes retractable carpet spikes and rubber feet, providing stability and structural isolation. The speaker platform, measuring 9 inches by 9 inches, is covered with rubber pads to further reduce vibration and speaker slippage.

I put together the BS-300 stands in about three minutes per stand using only the supplied Allen wrench. Their simple design and construction yields an impressive and sturdy monitor stand. Several intentional (and a few unintentional) knocks proved the stands safe enough to easily entrust my pair of Westlake Audio closefields to their care. Quik-Lok’s confidence in the BS-300 stands is backed up with a lifetime, limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


My past experiences with Quik-Lok’s stands have been function over form. That is, they were workhorse performers where it counts – on the road. The new OR-Series rack stands and the BS-300 monitor stands do not sacrifice form or function. They are simultaneously sturdy and stylish – perfect for studios that take their look and performance seriously.

Contact: Quik-Lok/Music Industries Corp. at 516-352-4110;