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Radial Debuts PhazerBank Phase Adjustment Tool

British Columbia, Canada (November 26, 2008)--Radial Engineering has debuted its PhazerBank, a 4-channel version of the company's Phazer phase-alignment tool.

British Columbia, Canada (November 26, 2008)–Radial Engineering has debuted its PhazerBank, a 4-channel version of the company’s Phazer phase-alignment tool.

Designed primarily for live touring, the rackmount PhazerBank features four completely independent phase-adjustment circuits that enable the engineer to dial in the appropriate phase shift when combining two signals.

A typical application would be electric guitar where one could combine a mic’d cabinet with a direct feed. The Phazer would be inserted into the direct-feed channel strip, and with a single dial the engineer can locate the “sweet spot” and hopefully create fat, rich tones. This reportedly speeds up soundchecks.

Applied on bass guitar, the engineer can now time-align the PA with the onstage bass amp. On kick, the overhead and kick mics can be brought together for a reportedly tighter more distinct “thump” while on snare, the hi-hat mic and snare mic can be tweaked for snap. In addition, each Phazer is equipped with a low-pass filter to allow the user to “focus the beam” on the desired frequency spectrum.

Radial Engineering