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Radial Komit Compressor Limiter

Features improved dynamic monitoring, a key input via the Workhorse 5000’s Omniport and easier-to-use frontpanel graphics.

Fast Facts

$500 list

Radial Engineering |
The Radial Komit 500 series compressor-limiter uses a “minimalist approach” while providing “exceptional flexibility by introducing various automatic functions that are both musical and intuitive.” Developed by Burgin-McDaniel, the new Radial Komit retains the original design with full-size, 100 percent discrete components throughout the audio path. Radial says where it differs from the original is with improved dynamic monitoring using a dual-function LED bar graph, a key input via the Workhorse (modular rack) 5000’s Omniport and easier-to-use frontpanel graphics.

The Komit’s feed-forward VCA compressor is designed to react real time to program material and is adjustable from slight 1:1 compression to 10:1 hard compression ratios using a single dial. This is augmented with a dynamic control with program-dependent slow, medium and fast settings of the attack and decay times that auto-track as signal passes through. Further, Radial says the Komit’s “sync” function allows a pair of compressors to share the same time constant components for accurate stereo tracking. A separate onboard 20:1 limiter may be bypassed or inserted to provide a dynamic ceiling for the audio track.