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Rat Sound Nabs New L-Acoustics K1

Los Angeles (January 7, 2009)--Rat Sound has taken delivery of a stadium-sized L-Acoustics K1 concert sound system, as part of the system's pilot program.

Celebrating the delivery of the L-Acoustics
K1 concert sound system at Rat Sound were
(l-r): Paul Freudenberg, vice president, Sales
& Marketing, L-Acoustics USA; Dave Rat,
founder, Rat Sound; and Jon Monson, head
of rentals and touring, Rat Sound.

Los Angeles (January 7, 2009)–Rat Sound has taken delivery of a stadium-sized L-Acoustics K1 concert sound system, as part of the system’s pilot program.

The program which is offered to top-level existing members of the Dosc network (V-Dosc and Kudo owners) who have interest in the advance field proofing of the new K1/Kudo/LA8 system architecture. The K1 is L-Acoustics’ next generation of full-sized, line source enclosures for arena, stadium and festival tour sound applications.

Dave Rat, founder of Rat Sound Systems Inc., recalled, “Over a decade ago, I went down and listened to the L-Acoustics V-Dosc and heard something entirely unique. Its amazing sound clarity and line source configuration changed the industry. Through my work as sound engineer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I have mixed on every sound system on the market, and the K1 is the first time I have heard something as exciting as when I first heard the V-Dosc. This is the new barometer by which all sound systems will be judged–not to mention the fact that these hang 24 deep, they have a super cool, captive rigging system and the dispersion consistency is amazing.”

“We are very excited to have Rat Sound participating in the K1/Kudo Pilot Program,” explained Paul Freudenberg, vice president of Sales and Marketing for L-Acoustics USA. “Our relationship with Rat and the V-Dosc system goes back a long time and Dave Rat’s personal experience deploying L-Acoustics’ systems and innovative approach to sound design will undoubtedly rub-off on the exposure of the K1 and Kudo product.”

L-Acoustics has announced that the K1/Kudo Pilot Program is expected to last for a period of 24 months, a necessary time prior to the official launch of the future L-Acoustics stadium line array system. K1/Kudo Pilot rental companies will closely collaborate with the L-Acoustics R&D team and its technical support staff. Emphasis will be put on preset validation, stadium system configuration design, rigging and general system set-up and operation. Rental K1/Kudo Pilot companies will then be offered a path leading to system ownership prior to its formal market introduction.


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