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Riedel Calrec Announce Technology Partnership

Las Vegas, NV (May 6, 2009)--Riedel Communications and Calrec Audio announced a close technology partnership at this year's NAB Show.

Las Vegas, NV (May 6, 2009)–Riedel Communications and Calrec Audio announced a close technology partnership at this year’s NAB Show.

The partnership includes the integration of Riedel Artist intercom functionality in Calrec’s brand-new digital mixing console, Apollo, as well as the integration of Calrec’s Hydra2 audio routing network into Riedel’s MediorNet fiber network solution.

“Although the Apollo console and the new Hydra2 core already provide extensive audio networking, the integration into MediorNet expands the possibilities even more. To provide maximum benefit for our customers it was a logical step to cooperate with Riedel,” said Henry Goodman, Calrec’s business development manager.

Apollo features Artist intercom integration, which allows the control surface to show Artist intercom control panels directly on the fader control cells. Apollo can assign up to 124 buttons with full Artist functionality to any place on the console. Individual operators can configure their own distinctive operational settings, including the position of the intercom panel.

In addition, a jointly developed interface for MediorNet, Riedel’s new fiber-optic network solution, provides direct interfacing with Hydra2, ensuring that the Hydra2 audio network becomes an integral part of the MediorNet solution. MediorNet provides the integration of multi-channel HD video, audio, intercom and data into one single fiber-optic network with integrated processing and conversion features.

“We’ve always seen our intercom and fiber products as an open platform. Integration with other manufacturers always results in benefits for our customers. Therefore we’re proud to welcome Calrec as our newest technology partner,” said Thomas Riedel, managing director of Riedel Communications.

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