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Burbank, CA (March 17, 2011)--Engineer Brian Vibberts and his Royer Labs ribbon mics captured the Jive Aces for the U.K. band's new album.

Burbank, CA (March 17, 2011)–Engineer Brian Vibberts and his Royer Labs ribbon mics captured the Jive Aces for the U.K. band’s new album.

Together for over a decade, the Jive Aces are a U.K. jive and swing band, and have performed at thousands of shows around the world. The band recorded its latest album–King of the Swingers, featuring music by Louie Prima–at Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles.

Vibberts and second engineers Buck Snow and Ryan Cota worked with a pair each of Royer Labs R-121 and R-122 ribbon microphones as well as the company’s SF-24V stereo vacuum tube ribbon mic. “When I first learned of Royer Labs’ ribbon mics, I was very interested, especially because of the active electronics used in their models,” said the multiple Grammy Award-winning Vibberts. “When I tried the Royers, I immediately heard the warmth and the realistic sound the mics captured. I was also very impressed with their extremely low noise floor.”

“We used the R-121 and R-122 on the saxophone, trombone, and trumpet,” he continued. “For us, ribbon microphones are a necessity when recording brass instruments, and Royers deliver top notch sound quality. They truly capture the full body and warmth of brass instruments, but have the presence and clarity to convey the energy and excitement which is a major part of the Jive Aces.”

“The Royers were clearly the best mic choice for this project,” Vibberts said. “Part of this is because of the mics’ ability to handle high SPLs–these horns were loud–and the other part is because of the microphones’ figure-eight polar pattern. By having the trumpet and sax standing side by side, I could use the nulls to isolate the two players from one another–giving me excellent separation.”

He concluded, “I’m so proud of that recording; I can’t wait for people to hear it. I’m thrilled with the way the entire album turned out and one principal reason for that sound is the fact that we used the Royer ribbons.”

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