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RTW Surrounded for 10 Years

Cologne, Germany (March 16, 2009)--RTW is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its introduction of SurroundMonitor, introduced in 1999.

Cologne, Germany (March 16, 2009)–RTW is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its introduction of SurroundMonitor, introduced in 1999.

SurroundMonitor was reportedly the first dedicated visual surround monitor on the market to enhance display beyond multichannel meters. Indeed, SurroundMonitor introduced the vector-based display, paving the way for RTW’s Surround Sound Analyzer.

In the late 1990s, RTW engineers, recognizing that traditional techniques were inadequate for showing the complex parameters and interplay of multichannel audio, set out to devise a better solution. The result was SurroundMonitor, which soon became known as the “spider” because of the configuration in which it displayed the five main channels of a 5.1 signal.

The beginning of RTW’s dedicated, practice-based refinement of visual surround-audio monitoring was marked by the advent of SurroundMonitor 10800, which offered two independent upright TFT displays.

Finally, in 2000, RTW developed its Surround Sound Analyzer–also based on the vector presentation. Introduced in the SurroundMonitor 10800X in 2001, Surround Sound Analyzer remains today an integral part of all surround-enabled visualization systems by RTW and has been licensed to Tektronix for its Waveform Monitor and AMM-768.

“What began as a spider has morphed into a house,” said Andreas Tweitman, RTW managing director. “But the fundamental innovation–seeing sound in terms of easy to understand vectors instead of traditional, and limited meters–remains the same. Ten years ago, RTW engineers were responsible for this great leap forward in sound monitoring. Today they remain committed to continual innovation and improvement in the technology.”