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Sabine Expands Line of Phantom Mic Riders

Alachua, FL (June 17, 2008)--Sabine has expanded its Phantom Mic Rider Series with the introduction of the Phantom Mic Rider Pro. Two new models expand the applications and improve dynamic range and control of all the Phantom's functions.

Alachua, FL (June 17, 2008)–Sabine has expanded its Phantom Mic Rider Series with the introduction of the Phantom Mic Rider Pro. Two new models expand the applications and improve dynamic range and control of all the Phantom’s functions.

Like the original Phantom, the two new models are phantom-powered, inline signal processors that plug directly into handheld or gooseneck mics. These new versions have a lower power budget, which allows them to work with a broader range of mixers. Phantoms are designed to improve the microphone’s performance by providing solutions to the challenges associated with poor mic technique or unattended sound systems.

The Series 3 Phantom Mic Rider Pro has just one function–the integrated Infrared Gate. This turns the microphone on and off depending on the presence of a person in front of the mic. Using a heat-sensing IR sensor, the Phantom is not fooled by lighting changes or by putting a chair in front of the mic. Both the distance to activate the mic and the time to turn it off are adjustable on both new Phantom Mic Rider Pro versions.

Every sound system has an application for the Series 3 Phantom. Every boardroom or meeting room can now have automated switching of the mics. Hotels can leave podium mics unattended, and the system will just come on when the speaker arrives at the mic. Churches that use a mic for announcements will not have to worry about missing those cues–the mic comes on automatically every time, and goes off when the presenter leaves the podium.

In live sound, backing vocal mics will come on only when the vocalists are present. Drummers who occasionally sing won’t have to worry about the drums bleeding into their vocal mic–just push the boom away and the mic goes off. And the Phantom Mic Rider Pro features a 115 dB dynamic range, allowing for use in the most demanding live sound and broadcast situations.

“Our engineers found a way to make the Phantoms perform even better,” says Sabine marketing director Rob Rothschild. “The Pro Series 3 is just what our customers requested: a simple, affordable automated gate with transparent sound. Imagine all the microphones out there that we wish would simply turn on and off automatically, now they will.”

The Series 2 Phantom Mic Rider Pro includes the IR Gate, as well as Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and a Plosive and Proximity Control. These signal processors are designed to make the mic much more forgiving across a broad range of users. The AGC compensates for the user with a meek voice, as well as those booming presenters; in each case, output gain remains manageable. And as users get closer to the mic, the Proximity Effect Control reduces excess bass sound and maintains flat frequency response at all distances from the mic, while the Plosive Control reduces the loud pops and bursts from certain consonant sounds in speech.

The Sabine Phantom Mic Riders are available for gooseneck, podium or handheld microphones. The controls (hidden beneath the security cover) allow simple adjustments to customize the Phantom for any situation.

Phantom Pro Series 2 and 3 come in three models: The PMR-GP2-12/PMR-GP3-12 and PMR-GP2-18/PMR-GP3-18, for gooseneck mics of 12 or 18 inches. The IR sensor and plug are included at either length. The PMR-HH2 and PMR-HH3 are for handheld mics and have the IR sensor built in. Original Phantoms are also available, and these feature the patented FBX Feedback Exterminator.