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Dallas, TX (March 4, 2011)--Two shows on the Golf Channel benefit from the work of Stephen Arnold Music.

Dallas, TX (March 4, 2011)–Two shows on the Golf Channel benefit from the work of Stephen Arnold Music.

Morning Drive is a new entry into the world of morning sports talk where co-hosts Erik Kuselias and Gary Williams let golf content lead the way into full-speed-ahead explorations of world headlines from pop to culture. Pipe Dream is a 10-part reality series that chronicles 53-year-old pro golfer Mark Burk’s journey to restore his golf career.

Viewers and listeners are alerted to the arrival of Morning Drive with sonic branding and original music/sound design house Stephen Arnold Music’s intro. A charged-up hit of drums, guitars, bass, rhythmic textures and ear candy, the live piece sets the stage for the quick-paced show. Recorded as a 1:30 song, the theme can be cut down for breaks, bumpers and promos.

“You want a daily show to become part of someone’s morning routine,” says Stephen Arnold, president of Stephen Arnold Music. “With sports especially, music and themes go hand in hand with brands and identities. Done right, the theme will capture a show’s attitude and ensure that people remember its personalities, just by hearing the music.”

For Pipe Dream, the composers at Stephen Arnold Music created a musical intro that sensitively captures drama and emotion of pro golfer Mark Burk’s journey back from homelessness on the way to the pro circuit, applying an artistically inspiring arrangement of acoustic guitars, drums and bass.

“Down deep, there’s nothing ‘sporty’ about the content–it’s the story of a human being who happens to play golf,” Arnold says. “The music had to set the tone for his struggles and triumphs, and the journey to get his life back together.”

Previous collaborations between Stephen Arnold Music and the Golf Channel include music for the shows Golf in America, 19th Hole, Golf Fix, What’s in the Bag and Golf Central.

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