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Samson Adds XP510i Portable PA to Expedition Series

Hauppauge, NY (April 13, 2010)--Samson's Expedition PA Series has added a new flagship model: the XP510i.

Hauppauge, NY (April 13, 2010)–Samson’s Expedition PA Series has added a new flagship model: the XP510i.

It sports dual two-way speakers with a detachable 10-channel mixer with a 500-watt (2×250) Class-D amplifier. The speakers employ 10-inch woofers in vented enclosures for bass response while 1-inch, high-frequency drivers deliver the highs.

The woofers are complemented by a 1-inch, titanium tweeter in a custom 60×90-degree horn for coverage. The built-in, 10-channel mixer provides four mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs and phantom power for use with condenser microphones, and there’s also an integrated iPod dock.

The system is targeted for presentations, musical performances, company meetings, outdoor functions, fitness clubs and corporate events. The enclosures can tilt back to use as floor monitors or use the integrated 1 3/8-inch speaker stand mounts to elevate the speakers to ear level.

For packing purposes, the speakers slide together, the mixer locks into the back of one speaker and the cables pack up in the back of the other, for a single unit that weighs just over 50 pounds.

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