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Samson Unveils AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System

Hauppauge, NY (May 17, 2010)--Samson has unveiled its AirLine micro wireless earset system.

Hauppauge, NY (May 17, 2010)–Samson has unveiled its AirLine micro wireless earset system.

The system is fully rechargeable, supplying lithium ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A docking/charging station for the receiver also provides a 3.5mm balanced audio output.

The AH2 features an omnidirectional microphone so that the user’s voice is picked up and amplified even during periods of fast, heavy movement. The AirLine Micro system is targeted for fitness instructors as well as high-energy performers and presenters.

A water-resistant design protects the mic and transmitter from moisture and perspiration that can accumulate during intensely active performances. Like the AH2, the AR2 also houses a rechargeable battery that will reportedly offer about seven hours of operation.