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SBS Gets Assist from Netia

Claret, France (December 14, 2010)--Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is using Netia's Radio-Assist automation system to publish content online in multiple languages.

Claret, France (December 14, 2010)–Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is using Netia’s Radio-Assist automation system to publish content online in multiple languages.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of diverse communities and cultures across Australia, SBS gathers programming from content creators worldwide and uses Radio-Assist to deliver this content online in 50 different languages. The Radio-Assist publishing module provides all the media asset management capabilities required by SBS, a public radio and television broadcaster delivering media in 68 different languages, to manage both media and metadata for multilingual publication to the Web.

The multiple-language programs available through SBS Television, Radio, and Online ensure that all Australians, including the estimated three million who speak languages other than English in their homes, are able to share the broadcaster’s content. SBS Online delivers world news, current affairs, sports, film, and food content, as well as a full range of SBS television and radio programming to a monthly audience of 900,000 people.

SBS has extended features of its current Radio-Assist automation system to interface with its online service. Within the NETIA solution, SBS has expanded the metadata model of its production database to support all the data needed for online publishing of its radio content in multiple languages and unicode scripts. For any program audio clip, staff can associate images and rich metadata content in any language. Online publishing is then completely automated.