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Sennheiser Covers MTVs Milestone VMA Show

Hollywood, CA (September 19, 2008)--Sennheiser microphones were in abundance on MTV's recent twenty-fifth anniversary Video Music Awards broadcast from Hollywood's historic Paramount Studios.

Hollywood, CA (September 19, 2008)–Sennheiser microphones were in abundance on MTV’s recent twenty-fifth anniversary Video Music Awards broadcast from Hollywood’s historic Paramount Studios.

In the red carpet arrivals area, MTV hosts Tim Kash, Kim Stolz, Taylor Swift and John Norris, as well as Jim Cantiello, wielded Sennheiser SKM 5000 handheld mics with Neumann KK 104 S capsules, supplied by RF specialists Soundtronics and Wireless First, along with four HMD 280 boom headsets.

Inside Stage 16, controversial U.K. comedian and VMA show host Russell Brand delivered his risquÈ patter on the main stage via an SKM 5200. A total of six SKM 5200 handhelds with KK 104 S capsules and six EM 3032 receivers were dedicated for use on the main stage. All of the show’s presenters were on SKM 5200 mics.

Veteran TV production mixer Klaus Landsberg, generating a 5.1 mix in MTV Networks’ Pegasus remote HD broadcast truck, comments, “I had 30 production RFs, all Sennheiser.” In addition, 36 Sennheiser and Neumann mics covered the audience, including MKH 416 shotguns onstage in an XY configuration plus KM 184s for the crowd.

Creative Sound Solutions’ Butch McKarge, mixing monitors for the main stage as well as outdoor performances by the Jonas Brothers and Pink on the New York street sets and Kanye West at the B-Tank, had 16 Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G2 transmitters at his disposal plus approximately 40 SK 5212 belt-packs. With the exception of the house band, reports McKarge, “Everybody who wore ears, which is almost everybody except Kid Rock, wore Sennheiser ears.”

Rihanna, who made two appearances on the show, and Leona Lewis, who sang with Lil Wayne and T-Pain, used Sennheiser SKM 5200 handheld wireless mics with MD 5235 and KK 104 S capsules. Other Sennheiser users included the Jonas Brothers and Paramore, as well as house band TRV$DJAM and their guests, U.K. duo The Ting Tings.