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Sennheiser Intros Ear-Worn Mics at InfoComm

Las Vegas (June 10, 2010)--Sennheiser launched its first single-sided, ear-worn microphones--the Ear Set 1 and Ear Set 4--at InfoComm 2010.

Pink used a prototype of the
new Ear Set 4 ear-worn mic
on her Funhouse tour.Las Vegas (June 10, 2010)–Sennheiser launched its first single-sided, ear-worn microphones–the Ear Set 1 and Ear Set 4–at InfoComm 2010.

Designed for stage shows, broadcasting studios and presentations, the Ear Sets have already found a fan in pop star P!nk; the artist used a prototype of the Ear Set 4 on her Funhouse tour.

“Both Ear Sets use capsules that are much loved in the live production and broadcasting fields,” said Kevin Waehner, product specialist for professional systems at Sennheiser USA. “The Ear Set 1 features the omni-directional capsule of our smallest clip-on microphone, the MKE 1. The Ear Set 4 features the cardioid capsule of the HSP 4 headset microphone.”

Sennheiser says the Ear Set 1 is insensitive to pop and wind noise while the Ear Set 4 can tacke loud stage environments, suppressing ambient noise and providing feedback rejection. Both microphones are designed to be light, comfortable to wear, and resistant to perspiration and moisture. The earclip and boom microphone can be adjusted to fit ear and head shape. The cable, which has low sensitivity to structure-borne sound, has a diameter of only 1 mm.

P!NK was so enamored of a prototype of the Ear Set 4 during tests for her Funhouse tour that she didn’t want to give it back. Monitor engineer Horst Hartmann: “The Ear Set is the first small microphone that is just as loud under live conditions and sounds just as good as a handheld microphone. Nothing like this was available before. Compromises always had to be made, either in terms of the comfort of the artist when wearing it or as far as the sound was concerned, because the lack of volume necessitated harsh equalization, and the sound always suffered as a result.”

In P!NK’s songs on the trapeze, the Ear Set underwent its baptism of fire. “In the air, right in front of the speakers—you wouldn’t even want to go there with a handheld microphone! With the Ear Set, we had no problems with feedback and the sound was excellent.”

For use in acrobatic displays of this kind, a skin-friendly adhesive tape, which can be covered by makeup, is supplied with the Ear Set. Also included are a cable clip for strain relief, a foam windshield for the Ear Set 4 and caps for altering the frequency response with the Ear Set 1.

The new Ear Sets can be used with all Sennheiser wireless systems; there are Sennheiser three-pin connectors for the Sennheiser 2000, 3000 and 5000 professional series or a 3.5 mm jack for pocket transmitters in the evolution wireless series.