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Sennheiser Launches Sound Tour Web Show

New York (July 2, 2009)--Sennheiser is debuting a new marketing campaign/web-based 'reality TV'-style series, The Sennheiser Sound Tour, based around a new slogan: "Hear. I Am."

New York (July 2, 2009)–Sennheiser is debuting a new marketing campaign/web-based ‘reality TV’-style series, The Sennheiser Sound Tour, based around a new slogan: “Hear. I Am.”

The Sennheiser Sound Tour is a North American roadtrip that pits a team of six girls against six guys. Their mission: to spread the word on the sound of Sennheiser headphones. Each week, the teams will travel to a different city and stop at unique locations and events. They will be given a weekly task to accomplish, ensuring antics along the way, and the winning team will win prizes. The teams will document their escapades online in their weekly webisode that can be viewed at: As they travel, the team members will connect with fans on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online outlets.

“This concept harnesses the power of social media integrated with consumer activation. It provides the opportunity for listeners to actually ‘discover, try and buy’ Sennheiser headphones,” says Anne Joyce, director of marketing, Sennheiser Canada. “Sound lovers will soon discover the reason why Sennheiser has been the professional’s choice in the audio and consumer electronics industries for decades.”

Both teams will converge in Milwaukee on July 2nd at Summerfest for the kick off. From there, they’ll pack up their Sennheiser-branded vehicles and head their separate ways. The sound team will spread the sound of Sennheiser to over 30 key cities throughout the summer. The guys will travel the west coast, while the girls will hit locations in the east. Log on to: on July 2nd to view the full tour schedule.

The Sennheiser Sound Tour is part of a large-scale marketing campaign developed by The Jetstar Group, a creative marketing agency out of Toronto, Canada, together with the marketing teams from Sennheiser’s subsidiaries in the U.S. and Canada.

“Sennheiser is already well-established among serious music lovers, as the effective inventor of high-quality headphone listening,” says Stefanie Reichert, vice president of strategic marketing, Sennheiser USA. “But there are entire new generations of people who are not as aware of Sennheiser’s quality and diversity. This multi-dimensional campaign is designed to reaching out to these younger, tech-savvy, multimedia-minded consumers.”