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Sennheiser Makes Primetime TV Appearances

Hollywood, CA (November 5, 2008)--As the new fall season gets underway, Sennheiser's RF products are making primetime appearances on Dancing with the Stars, Don't Forget the Lyrics and America's Funniest Videos, as well as daytime talk show, Ellen.

Hollywood, CA (November 5, 2008)–As the new fall season gets underway, Sennheiser’s RF products are making primetime appearances on Dancing with the Stars, Don’t Forget the Lyrics and America’s Funniest Videos, as well as daytime talk show, Ellen.

Earlier this year, Sennheiser wireless products were featured on Rock the Cradle, The Singing Bee and the season finale of the fifth season of The Biggest Loser. More recently, America’s Got Talent, which wound up its latest season on October 1st, has been utilizing four channels of the new EM 3732 digital receiver, provided by Burbank, California-based Soundtronics.

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars returned for its seventh season in late September. SKM 5200 wireless handhelds with MD 5235 omni capsules as well as MD 42 omni reporter’s microphones make frequent appearances onscreen. Less visible are the contestants’ sub-miniature MKE Platinum lavalier microphones and SK 5212/SK 5012 body-pack transmitters, and the numerous mics on the orchestra. Behind the scenes, new EM 3732 dual-channel digital receivers and A 5000 CP antennas are used.

During the three-day live premier of Dancing with the Stars, eight channels of Sennheiser’s ew 300 IEM personal monitor transmitters were brought in for the Jonas Brothers, who made a guest appearance. Jessica Simpson, who made a cameo on the second week of the show, also made use of Sennheiser RF equipment.

Randy Faustino, mixer for American Idol, where competitors make use of Sennheiser’s SKM 5200/MD 5235 combination, recently wrapped audio production on MTV’s Top Pop Group, which also uses all Sennheiser equipment, he reports. Faustino recommended Sennheiser wireless gear for FOX’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics, which just started a new season.

The Emmy Award-winning Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of the most-watched daytime talk shows, recently adopted EM 3732 digital receivers, wireless handhelds and body-packs in time for its sixth season, which began September 8th.